Nixle Public Alerting

Nixle is a Public Safety Alerting system that Tubac Fire District utilizes to update the Public rapidly on events or incidents happening in the area.  It is a free service to all residents.  The way the Nixle notification system works is by sending you a text message to your cell phone and by e-mail with the important information you need to know right now.  It is easy to sign up, just go to and click on "Sign Up Now".  Create an account by choosing a user name and password.  Next, enter in your e-mail address and cell phone number where you would like to receive messages.  Next, enter your address or nearby intersection and click "Sign Me Up"  Below is an example of the type of messages that we send out through Nixle.

Nixle can also be customized to receive alerts from other agencies and locations.  This is very beneficial to our winter visitors that can keep track of what is happening at home and in Tubac when back at home.  Once you have created your account click on "Locations", then click on "Add New" to add addresses in your home town or other areas of the country.  Click "Settings" then select a location in the left hand window and select subscribe for each agency you wish to receive messages from.